Renegade Revolutionaries

A Community Initiative

Our mission is to bring awareness to human rights and increase empowerment and voices of the people to politically rally for their right to quality housing in livable conditions, quality educational resources, quality employment opportunities, quality healthcare and all that would ensure the mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual welfare and upliftment of the people.

Goals of Renegade Revolutionaries

  • To collaborate and create partnerships with individuals and groups that reflect this objective and can share information, resources and tools to fulfill it
  • To embrace the tenets of philosophies and movements that have reflected this objective in the past to present such as The Black Panther Party, Pan-Africanism, etc. and reteach them
  • To gather amongst like minded individuals and groups of a similar mission and vision
  • To strategize the upliftment of the community with members of the community
  • To rebuild the structure of a failing system by starting within the community and expanding outward with intention and clarity of vision
  • To read and analyze literature that would provide insight on the current system in place and how to overcome its negative effects on members of the community
  • To facilitate workshops, seminars, and conferences that focus on teaching knowledge relevant to changing the current condition of the people

We Need the Community's Support & Involvement

If you would like to be a part of Renegade Revolutionaries in any capacity,
we would love for you to fill out the form through the link below to give us a better idea of how we can work together!
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