MEET Nicole Lee

for City Council

District 31

My name is Nicole Lee, I’m an entrepreneur for over 20 years specializing in building businesses and communities, special-needs advocacy, and community activism.  My platform’s intention is to create more jobs and funding for small businesses, to restructure our school system by providing more trades and programs in our schools such as coding, more extracurricular activities, water safety, nursing, carpentry, electrician programs, and the arts.

My goal is to offer inclusion and resources for our special-needs communities so that they can be properly integrated into society just as anyone else without special needs would be.

Affordable housing is another matter that I would like to rectify not only for renters but homeowners as well because being able to live in and buy into our community is important to have a sense of ownership and maintain proper care, but it should be at an affordable price. 

I am the people fighting for the people.

I know that we can reform Southeast Queens and unfortunately, people in our community have lost hope in our politicians thus far when it comes to true improvement.

I’m here to fulfill the reality that we can regain the community’s faith in policy, politicians, and constituents.

Given the opportunity to do so, I will continue to show the dedication that I have to my community and act in accordance with the fact that I am not only a businesswoman, advocate, community activist, mother, or whatever other labels that would be used to identify my commitment, but you will see that I am a person just like anybody else that has not only an intention, but a vision and will to fight for the good of the community.

I’ve already provided resources to create more opportunities for over 20 years,  not only for the Queens community but for other communities because I know we all have a desire to live more fully and we can enhance each other by sharing more of it. 

With the experience, I’ve acquired over the years and know-how, I see and am ready to help us recreate south East queens to a stronger and more unified district.

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